My First Lesson in Orgasm Denial

It had been two months of daily orgasms, every morning, commanded by my delicious Dom.  He is a man of complex exotic flavors that blend into a succulent fusion of endless pleasure.  I had learned this about him during this initial time.  In the beginning I thought the daily orgasms would serve to keep me sexually satisfied; a good idea because my Dom was 5,000 miles away,

I had been accustomed to waking up  cranky in the mornings my whole life.  My mood required a shower and a cup of coffee…with cream.  I would drink my second cup black, but my lever of “ratitude” would not tolerate anything less than comfort initially.  When I was commanded to pleasure myself every morning before getting out of bed, I had doubts about my ability to keep this going.

I was not given an end date, other than it would continue until I was told differently.  Being the bear that I am when I have to rise from my hibernation, I am rarely interested in morning sex.  However, I am an obedient submissive who enjoys tasks because it is an opportunity to please my Dom.  A challenge or not, it would be done.

In the beginning, the orgasms were sometimes difficult to achieve.  Sometimes I would fall back asleep while trying to rub one off.  I would wake up with a startle and have to start over, know I would be late for work if I didn’t hurry.  Those mornings required intense fantasizing.  Initially it was hard core BDSM porn that included my “trigger” – anal.  Anal fingering, anal fucking, anal fisting.  I could count on anal to always push me over the edge to orgasm.  Later as more Skype encounter occurred, I developed more eroticism encompassing my Dom that guided me to my morning destination.

Soon I was masturbating daily, focused on my Dom and my sexual appetite transformed.  I went from waking as the grumpy, frigid bitch, to rousing as a sexual creature whose purpose at the moment was to savor the deliciousness of my Dom and experience what my body was already craving before I even opened my eyes in the morning.  The cognition of these images fueled my lustful appetite through the remainder of the day.

Last week my morning ritual was unexpectedly terminated.  My Dom instructed me to have no orgasms for an entire week.  I was not to pleasure myself or touch myself in any way, except, of course, for personal hygiene.  Being the compassionate Dom that he is, he shared some of his porn with me and allowed me three lovely orgasms before my week of sexual denial would begin.

My Dom has asked me, after his task had been given, how long I thought I could go without sexual release.  My mind flashed back to being married, bored and neglected.  Sex with my husband was performed with a calculable routine that produced the enthusiasm of a 12-hour shift on an assembly line, compressed into ten minutes.  “Two months, “was my reply.  That was what I remembered.

Certainly I was having sex with my husband more often than that, but there was no pleasure in it for me.  It was usually about two months before my sexual self reminded me that she was still there and loved me, if only I would just give her a rub.  My husband was always in bed hours after me so it was easy to take advantage of the time and slowly fantasize about fingers and cocks inside of me.  Some were memories of the past and some were my deprived imaginings of what I craved but suppressed for months at a time.  Yes, I thought, I could easily go a week without an orgasm.  That was Sunday.

Monday and Tuesday was no problem.  I was busy with work and did not have much time to think about sex.  When my thoughts did wander, I quickly diverted them elsewhere, reminding myself of my command.  I had a feeling of being the good School Girl, perhaps even the Hall Monitor – a little self-riotous cunt.  I was in control of this.

Wednesday was a short day.  I took a nap that afternoon to catch up on lost sleep.  I was also knew the next two days were cram-packed with clients.  No breaks.  I justified the nap as preventative maintenance from total exhaustion.

I awoke from my hour of slumber relaxed and rested.  As I contemplated a long body stretch, I realized my right hand had my cunt grasped in it’s palm with the middle finger nestled between the labia lips, against the side of my clit.  I yanked back my hand in a panic!  How could I have betrayed myself…and my Dom?  Did it count if I was not aware?  Surely not.  I hadn’t actually played with myself…had I?  I had to check.

I would reach back to my pussy and spread the thick lips of my labia open, in a purely clinical manner, I told myself.  I touched my clit.  It was noticeably engorged.  I felt the outline of the shaft through the hood.  The jewelry in the head of my clit kept the hood pushed back, exposing the well developed mushroom.  This area was dry.  I pushed my finger farther down to my inner labia and it instantly slid inside.

I could feel my inner Hall Monitor standing with both hands on her hips – her face frowned-up.  I removed my hand from the crime scene.  I reasoned that I hadn’t masturbated or my wetness would have been smeared all over my cunt.  I was keeping this event as an unreported misdemeanor.  I would stay more aware of what was going on from now on.

Aware I was.  My sexual stirrings had been heated up and I couldn’t find the know to turn it off.  For now it was at a low but steady simmer.  It took me longer to finish the paper work that evening.  Little twitches from below kept reminding me of it’s presence.  The Hall Monitor was shaking her finer at me.  I obeyed the rules.

Thursday I woke up to a little “boner”.  I could feel it firm between my labia lips.  All I had to do was squeeze it between my thighs, working the labia around it, pushing the jewelry in the opposite direction.  I got out of bed instantly, turned the coffee on and growled a little on my way to the shower.  The rest of the day was filled with cunt knawings in the few free moments between clients.  I was able to shut it off until the next mini-break.  The Hall Monitor was pleased with me.

Friday’s morning alarm woke me to the same stiff boner.  I didn’t linger in bed – the naughty thoughts were already there; too tempting for idle hands.  I busied myself that day with work.  Fortunately it was a busier day than the day before and my lust was put on a back burner, subconsciously simmering.

I was behaving well until I was laying in my bed that night – still and quiet.  I would dose off and wake several times to find my hand squeezing my breast or pulling a nipple.  I could feel the wetness between my thighs.  I realized now that 2 months was no longer a valid interval for me to go without an orgasm.  I tossed and turned all night.

Saturday came and I knew I could be in trouble.  There were no clients to see, but there was at least plenty of paper work.  I managed only a small part of the work.  It was quiet and my imagination wandered to forbidden places.  I lingered there, longer each time.  I decided to go shopping and run other errands to occupy my mind.  Unfortunately, this was only a temporary fix.

The evening was spent miserably.  I was feeling like a cat in heat.  I wanted release, but I had to wait for my Dom on Sunday.  The Hall Monitor was feeling so high and mighty now.

I slept heavily that night, exhausted from the work week and the pent-up sexual energy.  I didn’t rise until nearly noon on Sunday, but my carnality was already awake in me.  It was no longer a matter of me controlling my lust.  It controlled me.  I was consumed.

I only had a say over not giving in and touching myself.  All day my pussy ached and my clit throbbed.  I muddled through the paperwork slowly.  I left to get groceries.  All I wanted was to hear from my Dom; hear him tell me that I could pleasure myself again.

When I returned home, he was on Skype.  I was so relieved.  I pulled myself together, not wanting him to see my desperation.  He had been away on a wonderful trip and he told me many details.  I was so proud and happy for him to see how much he enjoyed his trip.  I was just learning how so much of his pleasure gave way to mind.  I had forgotten about my own discomfort during the chat.  I had missed seeing and hearing him.  I found comfort in him.

Then the moment arrived.  I was asked if I had done as I was instructed – no pleasuring myself for a week.  I, now humbled in knowing that I could not easily do without sexual release, replied that I had not disobeyed his request.  He rewarded me with as many orgasms as I could produce until midnight.  I was then to resume no orgasms until given further notice.  We said “Goodnight,”.

I still had a paper work deadline to meet before midnight, but I knew the orgasms had to take priority.  I knew I could only finish the paperwork in a productive manner if I calmed myself first.  I was already naked, as I often was when I Skyped with my Dom, so I wasted no time getting into bed.

I thought the first orgasm would be instant. I needed no fantasy, no foreplay. I was sitting on the edge of an orgasm and all I had to do was push “Go”. However, I had no idea how my week of denial would affect me.

I slid my finger into my pussy and pulled up some girl goo to the clit. My pussy gave a spasm. I moaned softly. I could hear my Don’s voice telling me again that he wanted me to come as man times as I could until midnight. I like hearing him tell me what my tasks are. My mind memorizes everything about him that I can for that moment…his intonation, speech rhythm, exactly the words he uses. If I get to see his face, then it includes his facial expressions as well. It plays over and over in my head until the task is complete. This time was no different. I was steamy hot and wet.

I first made sweeping motions over my clit to cover it in slickness. I had imagines being with my Dom so may times…He pulls my nipples to bring them erect, shaking each tit by it’s pink nub. Then he slaps it’s aroused nipple. I flinch back momentarily as the endorphins enter my body…

I went back to the front of the clit and rubbed in a left, circular motion, manipulating the jewelry through the tissue of my member…My Dom pulled harder at my tits, increasing the pain – testing my limits. I was enjoying this. He read this and his hand slapped it’s wide, red mark across the top of my tit. A low moan came from me…

The circles were getting wider and a heaviness began to well-up deep inside my pussy…He reached down, pushing his fingers inside of me to check his work. I was juicy wet. He removed his fingers and placed them inside my mouth to lick them clean. He turned me around and pushed me toward the bed…

My thighs opened farther. The labia became firmer as the weight of the pending orgasms grew…He told me to bend over the mattress, and instantly my ass was warmed by the smack of his hand. I was commanded to open wider. He struck my pussy with the same intensity…

I pulled at my left nipple with my left hand. I shifted positions with my finger until I found that sweet spot that made my cunt contract inward. I moaned louder. I kept the pressure on my nipple…With each strike to my pussy, I became more and more aroused. I pushed back my ass, exposing myself more to my Dom. This time he used four fingers to measure my arousal. His fingers slipped in easily and deep. I received several thrusts from his hand inside of me…

I felt my toes squeeze, side by side, as they began to curl under. My head tilted back…He twisted his hand to the side, digging deeper. He pulled back for a second, only to add his thumb to his fingers that were shaping into a cone. The knuckles of his hand hesitated at the opening of my vagina…

My middle finger moved behind the jewelry, pushing the hood far back down the shaft of the clit…The pressure of his hand increased until I felt it pop into me. I felt sudden fullness…I pulled harder on the nipple My heels dug into the mattress…He swiveled into me; my brain dizzy with pleasure…

My breathing quickened…He pushed harder than ever and demanded that I cum! Again, and again with each of his thrusts, I was commanded to cum for him…
I thrust my pelvis backward and then forward, releasing convulsions that slammed my thighs together around my hand and pulsing pussy. I heard that familiar deep, guttural moan that I had been missing. I rode out the last twitches, then removed my hand from my satisfied cunt. It was the best orgasm in a very long time. The abstinence had done me good.

I was thankful to my Dom for guiding me to this new understanding. To my Hall Monitor, I say, “Suck it!”

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